Notícia del Newsletter February 2014

New tourism portal

Available in seven languages and featuring user participation.

The new official platform for publicising and promoting Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona tourism facilities, and, contains evocative text, spectacular photographs and fascinating videos. Users can access it in seven languages (Russian has now been added and Hebrew will soon be available) and the content is organised for specific markets.

The portal is designed to attract visitors, provide information and give users a wider range of services, in line with the current needs and trends of the tourism market.

High quality images are an important feature, with beautiful photographs and interesting videos to introduce the different sections: “enjoy”, “come”, “what to do”, “where to eat” and “accommodation”.

Each topic includes different sections with useful information that can be shared via networks.

Improvements have been made to the events information services, the journey planner and accommodation booking by means of widgets that can be accessed anywhere on the internet.

Users’ attention is attracted by sections such as “Don’t miss it”, which encourage them to continue searching and interacting with the site.

It includes a section called “With other eyes”, quoting the opinions of leading bloggers, who describe their visits to the destination and share their experiences.

The portal is a tool for consultation, a space where users can take part in the creation of content and share it via the social networks included (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest), which the Patronat de Turisme has been using for the last four years.

The previous portal, set up in 2007, which did not cater for social network applications, received 1.3 million visits every year, a very good figure, which we intend to surpass with the new, improved platform.

Among our targets for 2014, we hope to reach 2 million visitors and record visits to 6 million pages.

The Patronat de Turisme manages the portal directly and in the medium term it will set up a professional website aimed at the tourism sector, followed in due course by a press room for national and international journalists.

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