Notícia del Newsletter December 2011

New features in Pirineu de Girona ski resorts for 2011-2012

Girona's ski resorts have increased the amount of skiable terrain and are offering better services and access.

The new ski season has got under way in the ski resorts of the Pirineu de Girona with important new features on offer and having made significant investments (13 million euros in total), all with the aim of ensuring that skiers have more slopes, chairlifts and snow cannons, renovated access points and improvements in services.

With a skiable terrain covering more than 200 kilometres, 1,093 programmed snow cannons and 50 ski-lifts, this is a key moment for the four Alpine ski resorts (Vallter 2000, Vall de Núria, La Molina and Masella) and the single Nordic ski resort (Guils Fontanera) in the Pirineu de Girona thanks to the completed improvements and better services on offer.

The 2011-2012 season in La Molina sees the opening of more sustainable facilities and two brand new terrain parks, created for last year’s Snowboard World Championship. It is worth pointing out that, together with neighbouring Masella, La Molina offers the largest skiable terrain in the Catalan Pyrenees, with 135 kilometres of slopes. Thanks to a commercial agreement between La Molina and Masella, which makes it possible to ski on the slopes of both resorts with a single ski pass, Masella has opened two brand new slopes and a variant slope this season. Masella has increased its skiable terrain by 2 km with its Mirador de la Pia (black) and Rovellons (blue) slopes, as well as incorporating the Drecera variant in the Bona Vista slope, in the lower section of the Dues Estacions sector.

The Vall de Núria Mountain Resort has increased the amount of parking facilities in the Ribes Sud and Queralbs resorts, as well as improving slope safety (signage, mats, nets, markers and walkways). Furthermore, it is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the cog train, the only way of reaching the resort in the winter season, securing twin status with the centenary Jungfrau Railway in the Swiss region of Grindelwald.

Vallter 2000 has significantly improved access this year thanks to the new asphalted stretch of road between the town of Setcases and the resort, along with improvements to the arrival zones of the Bac/Barquins and Bac/Puig dels Lladres slopes, among others. In Vallter 2000, other on-piste activities are on offer in addition to skiing, such as the Tubby tube run and sleighs.

This year, Guils Fontanera has unveiled a much slicker corporate image and a new website (with a live webcam), where users can check on snow status or consult the many activities on offer at weekends. The resort has reorganised slopes and currently offers 45 kilometres of Nordic skiing terrain, without neglecting snow shoe enthusiasts, for whom there are three circuits, or skaters, who can find 15 km of skateable terrain.

This season, Girona’s ski resorts are offering skiers a series of improvements and new features that provide extra quality. Meanwhile, all the resorts are offering users a wide selection of ski passes, discounts and à la carte season tickets.

According to occupancy projections for the Pirineu de Girona, and given the return to normal temperatures for the time of year in recent days, Girona’s ski resorts will be full of skiers over Christmas, the New Year and Epiphany, with a projected hotel occupancy rate of around 100%.

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