News From Newsletter 25 JUNE

New course for travel agents: Travel Ecademy

The Costa Brava & Pirineu de Girona online training course for Dutch, Belgian and German travel agents is up and running.

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, in partnership with Reisrevue groep bv, a Dutch company specialising in publications for the sale of tourism products, is offering tourism professionals in Holland, Belgium and Germany an online training course devoted to the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona destinations through the Travel Ecademy platform.

This training course, like the one set up in 2008 for the British market through the Travel Uni platform, aims to provide tourist industry professionals from the Benelux countries and Germany with training and offer them the chance to widen their knowledge on the tourism attractions, products and services of the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona destinations in a convenient, straightforward and flexible manner.

The course is split into themes: introduction to the destination, natural resources, experiences and activities (tourism products), leisure, etc. At the end of the course there is an exam to test the user on the knowledge gained.

Travel Ecademy is promoting the training course, owned by the Patronat, on its websites and in its publications, including a monthly newsletter for its registered members, of which there are 11,000 in the Benelux countries and 26,000 in Germany, mostly from the travel agency and tour operator sector.

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