News From Newsletter February 2015

Natalie Tours Convention on the Costa Brava

Natalie Tour’s top 190 travel agents visited the Costa Brava.

RP Natalie Tours_1

The top 190 travel agents from the Russian tour operator Natalie Tours –one of the leading operators on the Russian market operating in Catalonia and the southern Costa Brava– travelled to the Costa Brava for the company’s 18th annual conference, held from 24 to 28 February in Lloret de Mar. Participants were able to combine the conference with a fam trip that gave the agents the chance to learn more about Catalonia.

The Catalan, Costa Brava Girona and Lloret Tourist Boards jointly organised this promotional event, which aimed to promote the destination and help agents learn more about the region’s tourist products so that they in turn can market them to their clients, the travel agencies.

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