Notícia del Newsletter 30 July 2009

Music festivals in the Pirineu de Girona

The summer schedule of music, theatre and dance festivals liven up evenings and nights in the towns of the Pirineu de Girona. Residents and visitors can enjoy performances suitable for the whole family.

Several towns in the Pirineu de Girona host excellent musical and artistic events that attract first-rate international artists and draw audiences of hundreds.

The venues for most of these artistic performances are churches and Romanesque monasteries of great heritage value, as well as patios of emblematic buildings. Some of the best-known festivals taking place in inland towns include the Besalú Music Festival, the Vall de Camprodon Music Festival (which has the peculiarity of encompassing the towns of Camprodon, Llanars, Setcases and Vilallonga de Ter), the Llívia Music Festival, the Cornamusam Festival of Olot, the Ripoll International Music Festival, the Romanesque Live concerts in Toses or the Series of Representations of the Myth of Count Arnau in Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

This year’s Isaac Albéniz Music Festival is particularly important since 2009-2010 has been declared Albéniz Year, a joint initiative by the Public Foundation of the Isaac Albéniz Museum in Camprodon and the Catalan Government. 2009 marks the Centenary of Isaac Albéniz’ death while 2010 marks the 150th anniversary of his birth. To commemorate the centenary of the composer’s death, the 24th Isaac Albéniz Music Festival will mainly include works by the composer. A particular highlight is the “Albéniz Universe” concert taking place at 10 p.m. on 1st August at the Romanesque Bridge of Camprodon, which is the central event of the Albéniz Year. “Albéniz Universe” is a large-format musical show with audiovisual scenography and staging in a natural amphitheatre of great beauty and symbolism. The Romanesque Bridge of Camprodon will frame the large screen and act as the scenic background. The stage and stalls will be placed over the River Ter. The show is structured around the idea of the soundtrack, while different perspectives of the composer in terms of time and space constitute the theme. The script takes us through his universe. The lighting and special effects complement the scenography. The concert will be performed by the RTVE (Spanish Television and Radio) Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Josep Pons.

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