Notícia del Newsletter May 2013

Health and Beauty Club training

The training programme of the Health and Beauty Marketing Club gets under way, comprising eight sessions

The Health and Beauty Marketing Club of the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona, composed of 16 companies and bodies from the Girona area, is implementing a specific training programme aimed at the development, improvement and innovation of the area’s health and wellness product.

The first of the eight training sessions included in this 2013-2014 programme, led by the Innat company, took place on 21st May. The sessions address the training needs of the Club’s members in various aspects: product marketing, techniques and treatments, and water maintenance. There will be sessions for health resort and spa centre managers, for therapists and one for water maintenance technicians. To round off the training programme, participants will create a specific tourism product that is unique to the destination.

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