Notícia del Newsletter November 2017

Costa Brava Cruise Ports: assessment of the 2017 season

The ports of Palamós and Roses close an excellent cruise season, with 46 stopovers and more than 45,000 passengers.

The port of Palamós beat all records in terms of both number of stopovers (42) and passengers (42,800). Compared with last year, ten more stopovers were made, which means a 31% increase, and there were 18,000 more passengers, a 74% increase on the previous season. The 2017 cruise ship season lasted from 27th April until 2nd November. The economic impact of cruise ship activity in the port of Palamós was 3.4 million euros.

Regarding the port of Roses, the infrastructure ended the season with the arrival of 2,400 passengers and 4 cruise ship stopovers. This year it had one less stopover, but it more than doubled last season’s one thousand passengers. The economic impact of these cruise ships on the area was 200,000 euros.

The excellent results achieved consolidate cruise ship activity in Girona’s ports, reinforce the role of the Costa Brava as a cruise destination, help increase tourism in the province of Girona and boost the region’s economy. The economic impact of cruise ship activity on the Costa Brava for 2017 is calculated to have been 3.6 million euros.

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