News From Newsletter December 2013

Costa Brava Cruise Ports

Record cruise ship season in Palamós and Roses with 43 cruise ship visits and 31,000 passengers

In 2014, 63 cruise ship visits and 46,000 passengers are expected in the ports of Palamós, Roses and Sant Carles de la Ràpita, representing an increase in cruise travel activity that will revitalise the tourism and economy of the area as a whole, according to the Port Authority of the Government of Catalonia.

The ports of the Costa Brava, marketed through the Costa Brava Cruise Ports brand, ended the 2013 cruise season with 43 cruise ship visits (including a record number of visits for Palamós) and 31,000 passengers. These figures represent an economic impact of 2.1 million euros on the Costa Brava and its area of influence.

For the 2014 season, 57 cruise ship visits and 45,000 passengers are expected in the ports of Girona, an increase of 32% and 45%, respectively, in respect of the 2013 season. Specifically, the port of Palamós expects to welcome 40,000 passengers (an increase of 33% in respect of 2013) and to receive 38 cruise ship visits (the same number as last year). Meanwhile, the port of Roses expects to see a notable increase in activity in 2014 with 19 cruise ship visits and 5,000 passengers, four times the number welcomed this year.

Cruise travel plays a key role in the tourism and economy of the country and these positive figures help to generate employment and wealth in the area as a whole.

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