Notícia del Newsletter May 2013

Convention Bureau

Launch of the Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau brand

The Girona Convention Bureau has changed its name to the Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau (CBGCB). The decision to change the brand name of this marketing club for MICE tourism in the Girona area was agreed and approved by its advisory board and board of directors.

Since the Girona Convention Bureau became part of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board in January 2013, the marketing club has been moving towards a change of name, incorporating the Costa Brava brand, in keeping with the name of the parent organisation and for the purpose of the international positioning and projection of the brand. The incorporation of the Costa Brava brand makes it easier to identify and situate the product, as well as boosting its prestige and profile.

The new brand name is accompanied by a new corporate image, the launch of a product catalogue that includes the 12 members who have joined the club since the start of the year, the production of supporting material and the adaptation of the website. The new brand name will serve to update and boost the MICE product marketing club of the Girona area, which currently boasts 109 members, using the functional structure of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board.

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