Notícia del Newsletter March 2015

Camí de Ronda® tourist route

The Costa Brava adds another tourist attraction with a sustainable and pioneering route


Camí de Ronda® is a sustainable and pioneering tourist route along the Costa Brava developed by Triptek Solutions. The route follows the old patrol paths that skirt Girona’s coast and includes tourist infrastructure and thirty of the destination’s companies.

Aimed at hiking, nature and outdoor enthusiasts, two different routes available depending on the hiker’s physical condition, availability and budget: the Camí de Ronda® Lineal, a 43-km point-to-point route, and the Camí de Ronda® Circular, a 140-km loop. Rates range from 43 to 489 euros.

The route can be enjoyed year-round and highlights the region’s natural assets, resources, landscape and tourism to enhance the renown of the Costa Brava brand.

For more information: Camí de Ronda®

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