Notícia del Newsletter September 2010

BITTS Costa Brava

Launch of the official Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona blog:BITTS Costa Brava.

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona has created BITTS Costa Brava, the official Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona blog, aimed at keeping up with the new trends and needs of the tourism market and increasing the brand’s online presence. At the same time, it is an additional channel through which all the relevant parties (brand managers, agents from the public and private sectors) can contribute to constructing the tourism and area brand.

BITTS (Business Innovation Technology Tourism Society) Costa Brava aims to be an interactive channel of information, opinion and debate that serves to raise the profile of the area, to showcase innovative elements and, naturally, to share the independent opinions of participating bloggers. This is an innovative and fun project involving a team of collaborators from a wide range of sectors and with different profiles who are specialised in tourism, marketing, communication, journalism, public relations, territorial planning, networks and social communication, music and performing arts, oenology and golf. They include Anna Vicens, Dani Chicano, Eduard Batlle, Eduard Costa, Jaume Marín, Jordi Casassayas, Josep Guardiola, Maribel Vela, Mercè Vilà-Clara, Montse Ferrer, Ricard Camó, Francesc Grau and José Antonio Donaire. The bloggers will offer a direct, clear and modern vision of what is happening in the area.

The blog will contain at least three weekly posts on issues of interest concerning the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona. Themes will include gastronomy and restaurants, activities, accommodation, shows, culture, wines and new tourism initiatives, along with any other content of interest on the area.

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