News From Newsletter January 2013

Airport tourist office

82,346 information requests were made and some 60,000 tourist information leaflets were handed out in 2012.

In 2012, Girona-Costa Brava Airport received 2,884,252 passengers, 5.4 % fewer than in 2011, although there was practically no variation in the number of people assisted by the airport tourist office (run jointly by the Patronat de Turisme and the Government of Catalonia) in respect of the previous year, with 82,346 information requests made. During this period the tourist office handed out 59,986 tourist information leaflets.

The main airlines operating on a regular basis in the airport were Ryanair and Wizz Air (all year round) and Transavia and Transaero (during the high season). In total the airport offered direct flights to 69 destinations in 2012.

The scheduled destinations operated by the Irish airline Ryanair indicate the nationality of the visitors attended by the office. Italian tourists came first in terms of the number of enquiries made, followed by tourists from Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Estonia), with Spain in third place and the UK coming fourth. Tourists from Scandinavian countries have risen from seventh in the rankings to sixth in respect of the number of enquiries made at the office, which indicates the growing number of arrivals of visitors from these countries to the Costa Brava, the Pirineu de Girona and Barcelona.

In line with recent years, the most frequently requested destinations were Barcelona (54%) and the counties of Girona (40%).

The questionnaires filled in at the tourist office show that the reason for travel was holidaying in 87% of cases and business in 3.8% of cases.

In 2012 most users of the office were travelling with their partner (36%), although a significant number of visitors travelled in groups (20%) and with their family (17%).

The airport tourist office is currently implementing the “Q” for Quality certification in line with the UNE 187.003:2008 standard of the ICTE (Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality) for Tourist Information and Welcoming Services.

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