212 athletes signed up for the Costa Brava Xtrem Running race

Registration is now open for the Costa Brava Xtrem Running athletics race that takes place along the paths of the GR92 and Girona's coastal paths.

The registration period for participating in the second Costa Brava Xtrem Running race began in January and 200 people have already signed up, 41 of whom are women. These figures augur well for a successful race in terms of participation since last year’s race was run by 169 competitors, of which only 18 were women.

As such, in only its second year, the race is becoming one of the most important of its kind. Furthermore, it is one of the qualifying races for the Mont Blanc ultra trail, the world’s most important race in this sector. Its importance is clear to see in the origin of participants, who this year come from 12 different countries: Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Australia, Italy, the USA, France, Argentina, Morocco, the UK, Holland, Andorra and Spain. As regards the autonomous communities of Spain taking part, at the moment there are participants from the Basque Country, the Community of Valencia, the Community of Madrid, Navarre, Asturias, Aragon, Cantabria, the Canary Islands and Catalonia.

The Costa Brava Xtrem Running race is a unique competition in the world since it is a mountain race that takes place along the coast. The race is composed of three different routes: The first two are the Costa Brava Xtrem, 200 km long, and the Costa Brava Challenge, 100 km long. Both start at Blanes and end in Portbou, having covered the Costa Brava in different stages. Meanwhile, the less demanding third race, “Selva Marítima”, is a 20 km run from Blanes to Tossa de Mar. For three days, athletes will have the chance to discover the beauty of the area as the run takes them through charming traditional towns and past wonderful natural beauty spots (coves, rivers, natural parks…).

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