News From Newsletter April 2015

2014-2015 Snow Season

Girona’s ski resorts close their slopes for the season with a positive balance sheet: 757,858 skiers

Estació Vall Ter 2000. Maria Geli - Pilar Planagumà

The five-month 2013-2014 season was one of the longest in recent years. The Masella ski resort closed out the season with 380,000 skiers (8% less than the previous season despite a 10% increase in foreign skiers), La Molina welcomed 265,798 skiers to its slopes, Vall de Núria registered 45,944 skiers, Vallter 2000 was visited by a total of 60,294 and the cross-country ski resort Guils Fontanera recorded 5,819.

Girona’s five ski resorts rate the season as positive despite the economic crisis and the bad weather over the holidays, which prevented this year being a record season in terms of the number of lift tickets sold.

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